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Chapter 1 – Intro


“Can we stop or slow down, my legs are shaking and I don’t know if I can go any further”.


“Do you want those things to catch us? The only thing we can do is keep moving until we find some shelter”. I do want to stop, my body is begging me to stop, but yet my mind is screaming at me telling me to run, and hide. I know we are all tired and all of us are still in shock from what has been happening. But it doesn’t make any sense. It feel’s like some horror movie or some video game but it’s not. This is all real and it’s happening before our very eyes.


Danny puts his hand on my shoulder “Yo bro, let’s stop for a breather, everyone is tired and scared. We need to figure out what’s going on and figure out a plan instead of just walking”. He’s right I know he is. I need to fight this urge to run and hide and we need to figure out a way to get back to New York City.


“Alright guy’s so let’s take a break. We haven’t seen any of those things in some time now. Let’s settle down and rest up and figure out our next move.”


Jonathan stands up and starts to approach me and that look in his eyes. He looks like man who is about one string short of possibly hurting himself or someone else.“Next move, are you kidding me. Did you not just see what happened. People are eating fucking people and the people they are eating are getting back up and eating more fucking people!” Everyone started talking at the same time, they are all panicking, they are all scared and and they are all thinking the same thing we are all going to die. Some of them are crying and shaking, a few are still throwing up. I look at Danny and then at Dennis, they both look at me, as if I had an answer. They both approach me while everyone else is freaking out and crying with one another. There were 20 of us who went to the Poconos for a week vacation, and now only 13.


So we three stand next to each other without saying a word trying to gather our thoughts and actually make sense of what is going on. Dennis speaks first ”So am I only one thinking zombies? This is so unreal. What do we do?” Dennis looks tired and I have noticed him limping. I know he has ankle problems since we were younger and he probably injured himself while we ran trying to escape whatever it was that happened.


“We need a plan, before everyone starts turning on each other and splitting up and going there own way”?

Danny did make sense with that. We stand a better chance working together and covering each other’s back. But honestly all I could think about was getting back to NYC, and my son. I take a deep sigh, and realize what we have to do.

I move closer to my group of friends and I see they are all scared, I can’t hide the fact that I am scared also. I am terrified but then I see my son screaming for me, crying my name and I lose all that fear. All I want to do is go to him and protect him.

“Alright guys, I know we are all scared and we really have no idea what is going on. We lost friends back there to who knows what. We have been moving for the past 6 hours with no sight of anyone. We are pretty much in the middle of nowhere and I believe the best thing we can do is try to get to a city so we can get a car or maybe speak to some people to figure out what the hell is going on. Maybe if we get closer to a city our cell phones can work and we can call for help or the police or someone. But we have to keep moving. It’s getting dark and we are in the middle of a forest with no food and or shelter. I remember seeing some houses down this way, if we can get there maybe they will have some answers for us. In the meantime is there anyone who is injured or in physical pain. Please let us know, we have to work together to get out of whatever it is that this is.”

Everyone is still very nervous and scared most of them are still in shock. I walk over to Dennis. “Hey bro, are you ok? I see you are limping a bit.”


“Yeah I will be alright, I think I sprained my ankle. It hurts but it’s not to painful to walk on.”


I start digging through my backpack and I pull out some duct tape. I hand it to Dennis Wrap your ankle up, it’s not the best thing to use but it should help abit”. He looks at me and puts up this embarrassed smile and starts to wrap up his ankle. He looks at me and then at the group of people. “What do we do if they come back? Those zombie things, what do we do? We lost so many of our friends to those things and then our friends got back up and started to attack us. This can’t be real it feels like we are in a videogame or a bad dream or something.”


I didn’t know what to say to him, I just nodded at him and put up a fake smile. I start moving back to the group of my friends who are all still filled with fear and anxiety,”Alright everyone, we are going to be moving out. If you need help, please don’t be afraid to ask for it. Hopefully we will run into something we can use as shelter and maybe find some food. I know we are all tired and hungry but I ask that everyone pushes just a bit more.”


I notice Jonathon, whispering something to Josh and Josh looked annoyed at Jonathan. “Is there a problem Jonathan?” I asked with a confused look. I have known Jonathon only a few weeks, one of Amanda’s friends. They went to school together but he has always seemed to rub me the wrong way. I get this really bad vibe around him and sometimes I just want to punch him right in the face. He looks at me with these eyes of pure hate and maybe even a bit of jealousy and just shakes his head no.


“Alright everyone let’s move out”.

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