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Chapter 2


We walked roughly another two hours through this forest, I even started wondering if we were going in circles. But then we saw a smoke trail through a clearing, as we headed toward the smoke we finally saw where the smoke was coming from. The forest opened up into this small strip of 6 houses. One of the houses seems to have caught fire. But it looks like a complete ghost town. From what I see there are no cars on the street. Random debris and scattered items everywhere.


As soon we entered the clearing you felt a sigh of relief from almost everyone. As if their spirits had been lifted from the sight of some kind of civilization. I turn around and look at everyone behind me.


“Alright everyone, something is definitely wrong. I don’t see anyone in sight. And that fire should have been put out already by the local fire department. It’s getting dark and we need food. Also looks like it’s going to rain. Let’s check out these houses and see if anyone is home maybe they can explain to us what’s going on. We all stick together”.


“We would be able to cover more ground faster if we split up into groups. That makes the most sense, we could determine which house is the safest faster. And besides who made you the leader?”


I look at Jonathan with the most confused face, why would he want to split us up about 60% of us are injured. Yes logically it does make the most sense to do it that way but who determines who goes with who? Why does he have to make things so complicated? I look at everyone around me and then I look at Danny and Dennis and the both look irritated. Everyone just looks utterly confused and conflicted.


“I never said I was the leader, look everyone is confused and tired, and some are in shock. Let’s not do this now please.”  


“Do what, I am just saying what everyone else is thinking. They are just too afraid to admit it. Let’s have a vote, what do you say Mr. Leader?”


He puts the only grin on his face, what is up with this guy. I am looking out for everyone and why is he making a big deal and being so annoying. What is he trying to prove exactly? Everyone just stands looking at me with eyes of exhaustion, confusion and some of them angry. Almost everyone here left a loved one behind.


“Alright guys, for those who want to split up raise your hand”.


I look around me and to my surprise no one raised their hand. Jonathan’s face was priceless. He then turns around and says,


“Fine, I don’t have to stay with you guys. I will do whatever it is I want.”


He Then turns around and walks towards the houses.


“Let him cool off, he is just scared and that’s the way he shows it. We need to still move on let’s get everyone inside before the rain starts.”


I lead everyone to the house farthest from the fire. A nice 2 family house, gated with 3 foot gates that surround the whole house. As we approach the front door, I notice the door is open. I look at Danny, and he nods at me. He approaches the door and looks around inside, he then knocks on the door and says “Hello, is anyone home? We need some help. Hello”? He looks at me and says” I don’t hear anything, “I nod at him and call Nirav, and Joshua, to come with Danny and I to go inside and check the place out.


”Dennis you stay here with the rest of the group, if you hear anything wrong going on inside the house you get everyone away from the door and away from this house.” He nods at me, and comes up the stairs to where the front door is and stands to the side of it.


I look at Danny, Nirav and Joshua, they all look scared and tired, but they all looked determined too. It’s strange how when you are pushed to your limits what can come out of you when you it needs to.


“Alright guys we stick in pairs of two we start from the lowest level and work our way up. We check every room and leave no stone untouched. Any place a person can hide we check. If there are any people here they are probably going through the same emotions we are so be prepared to defend yourself if need be, but do not hurt anyone.” Everyone nods notifying that they agree.


As we enter the house, I see a staircase hugging the right wall leading upstairs, it’s hard to see anything up there since there is no light. I try hitting the light switch on the wall but there seems to be no power. Great this is exactly what we need. However thanks to the fire in that one house we have some decent light to be able to see some parts of the house.


Danny comes to me and says ”For these kind of houses they usually use generators, if we can find where the generator is at, I can find out if we can get some power here”.

“Alright, so let’s search the first floor for a possible basement entrance, let’s also be on the lookout for the kitchen and any food”. Joshua also adds “And anything we can use as a weapon”. We all look at him and look around at each other knowing he is right. We don’t know what’s going on and we need to be able to protect each other. Those things, those zombie like people just came out of nowhere and attacked us in the morning. I still don’t know what to make of it.

As we slowly enter it seems its just a long hallway with rooms to the left every few feet. It seems the dining room is to the left facing the front windows. Danny heads in first followed by Nirav. There is not much in there besides a dining room table that has 6 seats some are knocked over and there is scattered glass on the floor and what looks like blood or wine stains on the carpet. The next room is the kitchen, Joshua and I enter the kitchen going through the shelves and opening up the refrigerator. The refrigerator was full and so was the freezer however with lack of power the smell was overpowering. I don’t think there is anything we can eat in there. However Joshua seems to be more successful as he opens the shelves he finds the motherload of canned foods, peanut butter, bottles of water, juices, and pancake batter just to name a few. At least that will put something in our systems for tonight. As Joshua looks through the rest of the cabinets he starts pulling out knives of all sorts, and places them on the counter.


I see Nirav and Danny head to the next room down the hallway. I look out towards where the staircase is at and I see a door, I want to assume thats the door leading to the basement. I step out into the hallway and I call out “Hey guys look, I think I found the basement door”. That’s when I heard these 3 loud gunshots. Everyone ran to where I was, I look at them and say “It sounds like it came from outside”.


That’s when I see everyone running inside ducking down and moving inside the house. I start  looking drastically to see if I see Dennis. I see Jaclyn and I ask her has she seen Dennis, she says “Yes he saw someone running from one of the houses shooting and told us all to run in side. He was trying to help Jocelyn up the stairs since she injured her knee. I tried my best to bandage it up but it limits her movement.” And that’s when I see Dennis come inside the house with Jocelyn in his arms. His limp looks like it got worse, He closes the door behind him and tells everyone to get away from the windows. He locks the door behind him.


I run over to him and ask him what happen, he looks at me and with these fear stricken eyes and says “ Zombies” .  

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