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Chapter 3


Everyone is in sure disbelief. But I am pretty sure I heard 3 gunshots. It doesn’t explain much. No one here has any firearms. Well at least none that I have noticed. I look at Dennis and ask him about the gun shots.


“The shots came from the house down the block, there were two people running from a few zombie type things. I couldn’t really see too clear. Everything happened so fast, but then as I looked around I noticed people walking around, except they moved and looked like the things that attacked us in the cabin. They started moving towards where the gun shots were fired. Once I saw those things after the gun shots, i told everyone to move into the house, then Jocelyn tried to run up the stairs but ended up hurting her leg. So I picked her up and carried her”.

It took me a few seconds for my brain to fully comprehend everything that he just said. But at least we know we are not the only ones left alive. As for these zombie things, I am not sure what to make of them or how to deal with that now. I think our first priority should be everyone’s health first. I look at Jaclyn, she is kneeling besides Jocelyn, looking at her leg. Good to know she has some medical experience being a nurse and all.

Alright we need to check the rest of the house now that everyone is here we can get through more ground quickly I guess. I gather everyone around and explain to them my plan, well it’s not much of a plan actually. First we need to secure the house to make sure it’s safe to get some sleep for the night without worrying about keeping one eye open. Once the house is safe, we can eat and attend to everyone’s wounds. Then hopefully after we get some sleep we can figure out our next move. They all agreed that this was the most logical plan. Danny, Nirav and Eddie check the cellar through the door I saw before the gun shots. They did find a generator, however it needs fuel to run on, and there wasn’t any down stairs. Myself, Joshua and Jaclyn checked up stairs. Who ever lived here, must have left in a rush, there are clothes everywhere. there are 3 bedrooms plus a bathroom and an attic. Nothing unusual, no hot water however but there was running water.

I gather everyone around and as we eat our canned goods of a mixed variety of food and everyone looks so depressed and scared still.

“Alright guys, I know no one has said much since all this started happening. I honestly don’t know what to say to you guys, or really what the hell is actually going on. I keep trying to put the events together in a way that makes sense in my head. But I don’t fully understand. I remember us having a great night of hanging out by the pool and relaxing some people were shooting fireworks. We went to bed and the next thing I remember hearing was a loud scream. I ran down stairs from the 2nd floor to see this thing eating Amanda’s neck. I can remember hearing the sound of her flesh being torn off and muscles being ripped off. I remember Juan running in and grabbing that thing off of Amanda and then Amanda got up and attacked Juan”.

I recover from my state of being horrified and I notice everyone is looking at me with tears running down their face. I guess I couldn’t keep it in anymore. I can’t worry about the past, I need to focus on getting back to New York City, to my son. What if this reached New York City? What if something happened to my son? I can’t think like that. I have to stay positive.

As I left the room I took a last look at everyone. Some of them were crying, I even saw Dennis and Danny crying. I wanted to cry also, but I am just physically and emotionally in shock. I start to head up stairs to I look at the front door, and double checked the locks and the chair used as a barricade to prevent anyone from coming in. I start to head up stairs and find a spot on the floor next to one of the beds, we all agreed the woman and those with certain medical attention and needs would get the beds. Dennis needed rest but he wanted the first shift for watch, he would cover for 3 hours, followed by Danny for 3 hours than me. Ok I need to sleep, so we can figure out what we need to do.

Staring at the ceiling, with my mind traveling in a thousand directions at once, there is no way I can sleep. Next thing I know I hear Danny’s voice:

“Hey, Will you up?”


“Yeah, what’s up Danny”?


“I can’t sleep bro, I keep thinking about Stephanie. I remember us jumping out of bed after hearing that scream. We opened the door and we saw, Amanda on the floor and we watched her get back up. After her that guy guy attacked Juan they came towards our room. I slammed the door and locked it from the inside. She grabbed her sneakers and a hoodie and so did I and we opened the window and climbed out. Only there were more of them. They were everywhere. I grabbed her and moved her through the forest. I remember seeing Dennis girl, what was her name again…Olivia. She was running through the forest but she was screaming Dennis name. We tried to circle back to see who else made it out the house but we couldn’t those things were everywhere. I saw Jacklyn running at one one point I left Stephanie by a tree so she could catch her breathe while I tried to call Jacklyn to let her know we are here and to come to us but she was gone. I turned around to head back to Stephanie, but she was gone. It’s all my fault she is gone. She is dead because of me. I tried to help a friend and I lost the person I love. That’s when I started heading back to the house, maybe that’s where she was. I figured she went back to see if anyone else was alive. That’s when I bumped into you and…and…and she wasn’t there”.


I have never seen Danny like this. I met Danny back in college about 8 years ago. Back then he was a big guy. He weighed over three hundred pounds, about 5 foot 10 inches tall. Bothe being gamers we decided we needed to do something with ourselves and start getting healthier. That is when we decided to start hitting the gym together. And we did, we started slow but it slowly cranked up and we both began to do more from running marathons, to doing obstacle course races. He has shown such a dramatic change but this is the first time he has shown me this side of him.


“It’s ok Danny, it’s not your fault. Stephanie is tough, she is still out there. Maybe she saw something and it made her run away from where she was. You have to have hope bro. We have 10 other people here who are losing their minds also. I need you bro to be with me and help me. For some reason everyone is looking to me. And I don’t know what to do. I am just putting on a brave face. And hoping for the best but honestly I am scared shitless. We need to get back to New York City. ”


Danny just looks at me, with tears still flowing down his face, he wipes away his face and tries his hardest to put on this mask of confidence. You can still see the pain in his but you could tell he is trying to calm himself as best as he can. He looks at me and says:

“Don’t worry Will. You have my support. We will get through this. Get some sleep bro I will wake you when its your shift.”

He smiles and walks out the door, I can hear his footsteps as he heads down the stairs. What a crazy day it has been. I close my eyes and attempt to sleep, I slowly feel the sleep coming over me. Next thing I know I feel a hand grabbing my leg, I sit up and I see Joshua, with his finger over his lips as if telling me to be quite. He then does the follow me motion with his hand. So I get up and follow him to the window in the hallway. We both look outside and we can see 4 people scouting around the house next door. Its hard to see from this angle and its still pretty dark out. But they are not like those other things out there. You can tell these are regular people. You can even hear them talking to each other. Even though from this distance its hard to make out exactly what they are saying. Joshua looks at me and says:

“What do we do”?

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