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Chapter 5 – Man Down


“Fuck! I can’t stop the bleeding. He’s bleeding out, this isn’t good. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

I take off my shirt and hand it to Jackie, she grabs it and tries to put pressure where the blood is pouring out. But we both know there is no way we can save him. Everyone is in a panic, Jen started screaming once she came to the realization of what happened, Josh grabbed her and turned her head. You could hear the footsteps of everyone running up the stairs to see what was going on.


“Everyone please stay still. Do not move around and stay away from the windows. Dennis has been shot from someone outside.”


You can hear everyone’s disbelief.


“Is Dennis ok?”


“It doesn’t look good. We need to get him to a hospital, we can’t stop the bleeding and…he’s been shot in the head.”


I slowly stand up and try to peek out the window to see if the shooter is still outside. Praying, I don’t get shot too. I quickly pick up my head and then bring it back down, I didn’t see anyone standing outside. I’m hoping the shooter ran away, but a part of me is thinking maybe he went to another window or maybe he’s trying to flank us. I bring my eyes, slightly above the windows ledge and take a longer look. The sunrise looks bloody red and the fog and clouds make it seem as if it’s bleeding.

“Guys I don’t see anyone outside. But keep an eye out. Nirav cover the front door, Eddie the back door, and Rich keep an eye on the windows by the dining room and kitchen areas.”


I look down at Jackie, and she is sitting there crying. My tee-shirt full of blood and Dennis lifeless body lays motionless. I feel tears slowly falling down my face and I see Danny looking over not sure what to feel.


“Guys, we have a problem!”


Rich’s voice was shaking, he sounded beyond scared.


“What’s going on? “ I yell down stairs. “Do you see the shooter?”


“No, but those zombie fuckers are coming this way!”


I run down stairs and head to where Rich was posted. Nirav is standing next to him with his jaw dropped, and looking horrified. As I look outside the window I see about 15 zombie like things walking our way, they are slowly coming out of the forest. I take a few seconds to consider our options. We can stay here and barricade ourselves in, or we can try and make a run for it before they get here. If we stay it could be the end of us, who knows when they will leave and how many of them are going to come. I look at Rich and Nirav, and I run to the front door, hoping there is no one standing on the other side. I grab the door handle and open the door wide open.


“Guys we need to go now!”


Eddie starts walking towards me, “What do you mean leave now, what about Dennis, some people are injured. Maybe we should rethink this.”


“I am sorry Eddie, but these things are heading this way, and we need to put as much distance between us as possible. There is nothing we can do about Dennis now, he is gone. We don’t know how many are coming this way and they can easily over run us. Please Eddie we don’t have time to argue”


Eddie looks at me, tears start to roll down his face, and he looks like he wants to say more but the words seem to be stuck in his throat. I can see it in his face that he knows I am right but he doesn’t want to leave someone he considered family behind.  But we really don’t have any choice. I see Eddie run back to the kitchen and start throwing the can foods in garbage bags, Jesi is helping him, and she looks horrified, she hasn’t said much since we started running.


Danny and Jackie both head down the stairs, with this look in their eyes of fear and determination. As for everyone else all you see is pure fear. Jackie comes up to me and says “someone needs to carry Jocylen she won’t be able to walk and we won’t get very far with her limping around and putting more pressure on her wound.” With everything that has been happening, I completely forgot about Jocylen, I nod at Jackie and tell Danny to take the lead. He looks at me confused and unsure but I head to the living room area where Jocylen is located. She was sitting up trying to stand, but her ankle wouldn’t let her.


“I am sorry Wil, I am no use to you. I can’t even walk. I am useless, but please don’t leave me.” I look at Jocylen and put a confused look, “ You are not useless, don’t ever say that. But we don’t have time to talk about this, we have to go. I will carry you” I put my back towards her, and kneel down ,she leans over and puts her arms around my neck, I stand up and have her piggy back style. She leans closer putting her chest right on my back. I feel her heart racing. I head to the door and see Rich getting the last of the food, he heads out the door but before he does he looks back up the stairs at where Dennis lifeless body is, puts his head down for a few seconds and walks out the door. I head to the door look back one last time at where Dennis was, I still can’t believe he’s dead. With one last deep breathe I start heading out the door with Jocylen on my back.

As I head out the door, you can hear the noises that those things are making. They are making a moaning sound; it sounds very hollow, very restless. I turn to look behind me, and I see them, those zombies. They are Limping and walking extremely slowly, a closer look shows they are really low on muscle mass. I start turning my head to look forward to where the rest of the group was, that’s when I noticed it. This hulking figure in the forest. He was standing there, just looking at me, I felt his gaze burning a hole in between my eyes. I ask Jocelyn if she see’s what I see and she looks but he’s gone. Maybe it is just my mind playing tricks on me because I am tired. I don’t have time to be distracted now. I need to stay focused and keep pushing. I wonder where Danny is taking us.  

As we get further and further from the house we seem to be losing the zombie like things. After about 10 mins of running I see everyone ahead start to slow down, and I slowly caught up to Danny who was leading the group. We keep walking following the street down for what seemed for about 5 miles and that’s when we heard it. The sounds of cars honking, of actual traffic as if we were close to a highway. Danny looks at me and I see excitement in his eyes. As we pass a thicket of trees, we see a highway ahead of us and traffic. “Are those actual cars, or am I hallucinating?” Danny Looked amazed and   sounded so relieved as he spouted those words.


It didn’t take much to get a cars attention and call for help. Apparently it was an isolated incident. The police that went to investigate found bodies. They blamed it on people overdosing on heavy drugs. Stephanie was found hiding in a shed next to the cabin. She was dehydrated and a little bruised, but she survived. As for everyone else, there was a trail of bodies, our friends included in that body count. A horrifying experience to say the least. But something isn’t right about this whole ordeal. They are covering it up, and brushed it off as if it was a cult terrorist action, and our statements were disregarded and the death of our friends just became unfortunate casualties of a terror plot, but there has to be more to this story.


For everyone else the death of our friends made the group distant, and separated. Could you blame them? It was a shock to everyone. And that was the last day anything was the same again. But at least I was home and I had my son Josh, that’s all that mattered to me.

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