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Chapter 6 – 8 months later


As I watch the news, there seems to be another incident with these cult terrorist attacks, viciously attacking random people. There are no patterns as to who’s getting attacked or what this group is after. Seems to be random civilians being attacked, but why? As I continue making my breakfast, my phone rings, it’s Danny.

I grab my phone and answer, “Yo Danny good morning, what’s..” he cuts me off, his voice sounds a little alarming. “Turn on channel 5 are you watching the news? That hospital is where Jackie works.” I drop the spatula, and get closer to the tv. He’s right that is Jackie’s’ hospital,  and this just happened last night. “Yo Will, you there?” I realize I’m still on the phone with Danny, “Yeah bro, I’m still here. So what do you think this means.” I hear Danny sigh over the phone and I can hear Stephanie talking to him in the background. Maybe we should all meet up , just to get an understanding of what’s going on. Is this coincidence or is it a cover up for those zombie things coming this way? Either way, I need to get in contact with Jackie and see what’s going on over there. “Yo Danny, let’s meet around 6, Angel’s gym bring Stephanie.” Danny agrees and we both hang up, I send a text message to Jackie; I hope you are ok. I saw the news about your hospital, hit  me up when you get a chance we are all meeting up at Angel’s Gym at 6. Meet us there.

At the office, everyone is talking about the cult terrorist group, and so many rumors are being spread around in regards to them; it’s government conspiracy, a bunch of drug addicts who overdosed, the media over-exaggerated the entire event. But deep down, I feel it in my gut, this relates to the whole cover up we experienced several months ago. Just need to hear back from Jackie, to see what’s true and what’s not.

Other than the news, everything else is pretty much the same. One of my coworkers Marlene, asked to have lunch, saying I didn’t seem like my usual self. She was right, I didn’t feel like myself, I felt scared. We decided to have lunch at this Thai grab and go by the office. I have known Marlene for a few months now, we have become good friends. She knows about what happened to us several months back, and she has been very skeptical about what I have claimed. But her and her boyfriend Lucas have been there for me in the short amount of time I have known them.

“So what’s shakin bacon” she says to me while nudging me with her elbow and smiling. I look at her and let out a huge sigh “It’s complicated and it’s going to make me seem all paranoid”. Her smile slowly fades and it slowly transitions into a more concerned look. She puts her hand on my shoulder “Is it about that girl you are dating?” I look at her in confusion, “what…no, we ended a few weeks ago. I told you this. It’s about what happened to us last summer, something is telling me it’s not over, that all these terrorist attacks are just cover ups.” I look at Marlene and she just stares at me with a very blank confused gaze, like she wants to say something but not exactly sure how to say it. She looks down for a second, like she is trying to gather her thoughts. She finally looks up and and tells me, “Look Will, you know I care about you, and I have been here supporting you and never once admitted how crazy you sound. But you need to try and move on, I know it was tragic, and I know it’s not easy. I know you lost some friends, but that was because of a terrorist attack.” The memories come back to me, and I put my head down. The memory of Amanda skin and muscles get ripped off, blood everywhere, that piercing scream that turned my blood cold and made me jump out of the bed. I remember looking over the balcony and seeing Amanda laying there lifeless and blood gurgling and slowly pouring out of her neck and onto the carpet. Then that Zombie thing jumped towards Danny he closed the door and that thing was pounding on the door, grunting and letting this hollow moan out, it made my skin crawl.

“Hey Will, you ok? I’m sorry that was insensitive. Forget I said that,  lunch is on me ok?” Marlene places her hand on my shoulder and as I look up, she has a smile on her face, I know she is trying to cheer me up, but those memories haunt me. I put a smile on face and nod at her, “It’s ok, what are you doing today at 6?”

Buzz….buzz, I look at my phone. I received a text from Jackie, “yes cross fit class at 6 meet you there!” That is a strange message, something’s not right. But i am not going to push it. Six o’clock needs to get here already.

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