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Development Blog #2


So I received positive feedback from my last post and decided to keep this going. I was also recommended to make a social media account for this project and I think I might. I am not familiar with making a social media account for a project so it might take some time to get use to. I will be taking screen shots and so forth and post when I can. I am also debating on when to post these updates. I am thinking Wednesday would be the day but we shall see. The amount of work I can put into this project this week will be very little due to training I am doing for a new job. This year so far has been a roller coaster for me both emotionally, mentally and physically. But I am making due. Anyways lets get back to The Rebirth

The Rebirth

I am still currently working on the scenes still, trying to get a grasp of world mapping. But it is coming along nicely. I sent an email to the Daniel the graphic artist who made the tiles that I am currently using, and asked if he is going to be making anymore. He is working on more, but on his free time. So it might take time. So there might be a graphics change from the beta to the full release. Or maybe I will create my own graphics. We shall see. I still have to work on the UI, menu, main menu, Combat system, leveling system, and Enemy AI. I think next I will work on a dialogue system. Not sure yet on the images I will use just yet. I might use some assets that I have previously purchased. I have an idea on how I should do the dialogue system. Just need to try and implement it. 

Current issues I am coming across

One of the main issues I am honestly having is being able to focus, I have had the flu/cold now for 2 weeks and I slowly starting to get better. I am going to a workshop this weekend for Unity which I am excited about! 

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