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All it Takes is OnePromise

Table of Contents

  1. They Try To Stop Me
  2. My Life
  3. Why Hold Onto Despair
  4. All It Takes Is One Promise
  5. Expectations
  6. Dear Facebook
  7. Perfection
  8. Be someone else
  9. Destined to win
  10.  A fragment in Time
  11.  Live
  12.  Fun with words
  13.  Paper and Pen
  14.  A brief moment of clouded judgment
  15.  No Mercy
  16.  Twisted and bent
  17.  Furious Trance

They try to stop me

Imprisonment of the mind

Is there goal

They torture and torment

Until you have a broken soul

Crush your dreams

Until your ambition is an empty hole

And a lifeless life

Is your destined role

You must break the chains that bind you

And change your current mold

Because nothing is written in stone

But life is something you can’t put on hold

It will move without you

And you will still grow old

There are no secrets and shortcuts

That can be told

You must experience the world

You can’t by shy

You must be bold

To see the wonders

This planet beholds

You have to push forward

If you want to grab it

Never lose focus

Because that’s a habit

We always give up

When we are the closest to achieve

We lose that fire, blinded by the dark

And we forget how to believe

But don’t forget the closer to the light

The greater the shadow reaches

And this is one of the greatest lessons

Life teaches

My life

So much to ponder

Looking at the sky

As my mind starts to wander

Chasing my dreams

Makes that far off fantasy

Become truth

And turns it into reality

Dreams of a kid with nothing

Pushing forward to be something

And not stopping

Till he has everything in his palm

This is my life

And I have struggled

Through strife

I fight back fear

Cause passion is my knife

And I will defend my goals

With an undying ambition

Because this is my

Life and there ain’t no quitting

Don’t know what to do

Don’t know what to say

It seems I’m stuck in this one way lane

Too much on my mind

And no matter what I do

I’m stuck on this grind

Losing so much time

Wish I could go back and rewind

Just so I can break the line

That’s attached to my design

Without breaking my soul

Cause I want to remain who I am

When I get old

But I can’t have my story be told

And unfold

On this level

Seems my choices in life

Are putting me through strife

And unnecessary struggles

Hard to focus when you’re being muzzled

Biting your tongue

When people shush you

Because they can’t handle your truth

But the truth can’t be hidden

Or maintained

Actions from actions

Cause distractions

Nothing new

How you handle it determines your fate

Because you can’t press control Z to undo

But who are you to judge

For the actions I have done

You don’t see my vision

And you don’t handle my struggle

We all have a past

And I’m not one to judge you

Why Hold Onto Despair

Why hold onto despair

And cry over people who weren’t there

Now you’re sitting all alone

And acting like you don’t care

When deep inside that anger

You cannot bear

Contemplating on what went wrong

You pushed me to the side

Now that I’m gone

I was that strength

That made you strong

Who knew things would go this way

But it’s time to live each day by day

Move forward can’t stay in the same place

Cause standing still

Will take you down that one way lane

Better known as depression

While I’m sweating


Trying to make it to the top

And not stop short

And land on my face

Cause I have been too long in this place

The hood is not a home

This is not where I belong

Tired of the violence

We place on each other

We all surviving

Why can’t I call you my brother?

Why am I frowned upon?

And called another

Because I don’t sling rocks

Hide money in socks

And duck and dodge the cops

Cause I choose to write

Even when I close my eyes

I see the light

Guiding me

Even at night

The street light pushes me forward

Keeping the darkness at bay

And away

All it takes is one promise

This is who I am

I can’t be stopped

Time will let you understand

How I made it from the bottom

To the top

I don’t seek fame and riches

I came to guide

Those in misery

And stuck in them ditches

Show them how passion

And ambition

Can light up any dark wishes

All it takes is one promise

To make the best of yourself

Whether its riches and wealth

Or mental stability and health

It’s possible to reach

Not an impossible feat

You have to work hard to achieve

And you must learn how to walk

On your own two feet

I can hold your hand and guide you

But it’s your journey not mine

So make a move

Because you’re losing time

I was in your shoes

Not knowing what to do

Or what to be

Until I closed my eyes

That’s when I truly could see

Most of us are blinded

By fake ambitions

And things we see on the television

Everyone loves to talk

But nobody likes to listen

When their real call is knocking on the door

But they just keep missing

That opportunity

And it delays our destiny

And stops you from being

Who you’re destined to be

You need to believe

To understand


It’s hard to live to these expectations

With no current destination

Still I sit here contemplating

Fighting all the hating

Trying to find some inspiration

Using my education

To put an end to my desperation

Lack of verbal skills

Leads to less conversation

Still I stand

With no hesitation

Not afraid of confrontation

Sick of waiting

For my dreams to unfold

Tired of having my life on hold

Time to see what this world beholds

I feel so misunderstood

Dealing with forces

Of the bad and the good

That’s why I raise it

And cover my head with this hood

Trying to elevate from that place

And detest

From the stress

With that broken mentality

Of being depressed

Why fight when there’s nothing left

That’s when you go right

And follow the light

Those dreams are bright

Guiding you to shine

Until the end of time

Follow your heart

Because the struggle with the mind

Will tear you apart

Contemplating on all possibilities

Without those dreams you

Will never see

And never be what your destined to be

Look in my eyes

And you will see

I will die

Fighting for my beliefs

You can suck your teeth

But you will see

Ain’t not stopping me

So what’s stopping you?

Dear Facebook,

Funny how as I read these posts’s and laugh

Got people putting up fronts

While other people kiss ass

Ladies bitching about guys being shady

And lazy

Calling them dogs

This ain’t a fairy tale

Kissing a frog

Isn’t making him a prince

Your fault you should have known

What you got into

Before you took that position

And got bent into

Fellas, my good fellas

Not the scrubs who don’t know better

Stop falling for chicks

Who have no clothes on

In all their pics

Attention hungry, even though they might be a dime in structure

It would be a waste of time

Because you’re never going to touch her

Shallow inside many of them are

You would stand a better chance

Trying to touch an actual star

People who complain are just not happy

Happy with them selves

Happy with their lives

They need to complain

And hate to live their lives

Makes them feel better

Cause they’re bitter inside

They want what you have

But are too lazy to pack their own bag

Tired of unnecessary drama

And people putting people on blast

When will this ever end?

People need to move on from the past

And learn to make amends


Perfection is something I never want to see

Everyone wants it

But I see it as a disease

Being perfect means

You have nothing else to achieve

No goals or dreams to pursue

Nothing to change and nothing to do

Pursuing perfection is a logical feat

Something we humans crave

Ideally impossible

Perfection in one self, probable

The idea of self recognition

Is the closest many will see

The closest to being perfect anyone can be

Perfection is more of a self sustaining idea

An image in one’s mind

That is truly undefined

Because perfection can’t be truly defined

To me Perfection is more of a feeling

An understanding of one’s emotions

Whether it’s calm like the ocean

On a still day at sea

Or a devastating fire

Consuming everything it see’s

Be someone else

Why do we push for peace?

When it ends in war

We all want to be free

But hide behind closed doors

Why don’t we fix the problem?

Instead of bitch and complain

Why do they all look down on me?

And say I’m the same

Why do I fight to live?

If I’m just living to die

Why when it hurts so much

You have no choice but to cry

Why do some people smile in my face?

While they tell me a lie

Why do they say it’s impossible?

But never fully try

This world is a disgrace

And the people in it are the problem

Know more about celebrities

Cause their eyes are glued to BET and MTV

Losing their life

But yet they will never see

Trying to get that fame and glamour

Dressing like a star won’t get you riches in a manor

But yet they pursue things they don’t need

And bitch saying everyone hating on me

When they really hate themselves

Why change who you are

To be someone else

Destined to win

My arms feel heavy

My vision gets blurry

And my accuracy unsteady

But I will not fail

I’m destined to win

I fight my own battles

Never surrender, to me that’s sin

Don’t know where to begin

But I know how it will end

You in my arms

And we will make this world spin

With you by my side

I’m stronger within

The wolf comes out

And rips through my skin

I will fight to the death

Because I’m destined to win

No mountain to high

And no ocean to deep

Can hold me back

And stop me

That I can guarantee

They can put me to sleep

Lock me up and throw away the key

Submerge me deep in the Atlantic sea

But even that distance will not keep you away from me

I break all binds

And I crush all fear

I refuse to lose

And let you shed a single tear

No one can compare to me


Physically and emotionally

I am remotely far from anyone else

When it comes to my focus and passion

You can’t measure me on a standard scale

Since my talent is ever lasting

Determined and full of compassion

I told you I’m destined to win

A fragment in time

You say an opportunity lost

I say an opportunity gained

Your words come out like frost

But I understand what you’re saying

Hurt by the outcome

But trying to maintain

I fight for what’s right

And I fight for what’s mine

I am not trying to lose you

But I see this battle is inside

I still need to grow

And get over this fear

Until I do I can let no one near

Funny how when you think everything is ok

The pain still lingers

Feels like your heart is being grabbed

And squeezed by ice cold fingers

Like your heart is stopping

Or being pinned to submission

You lose all focus

And walk with misguided ambition

The ignition that kept you moving

Is now out of commission

You now become that person

With a displeasant disposition

And it’s a condition

That requires no physician

You just need to rebuild yourself

And find the right ammunition

And start a new chapter in your book

Because you will turn out to be a new edition


Devastated by my own actions

Cause the chain reaction

A distraction

Between my heart and my sanity

Gifted naturally

The world calls it blasphemy

Saying I live in a fantasy

When actually I see the true reality

And angrily

It drives my soul to agony

To see people we trust and consider family

Turn their backs on us

So they can stand on the balcony

And look down on us

Like a game of chess

But we possess

The knowledge and success

But suppress because we don’t fully understand the whole world

We live under distress

Live depressed and all we focus on is how we dress

Nonetheless we need to reposes our mind and grasp what life is

Because this world shows us no mercy as it is

They told us sky’s the limit when it came to education

Built up hope on false fabrication

Classes over crowded

Schools closing down

Our education system slowly burning to the ground

The world is unfair for those who try

And things come easy to those who hide

And cheat the system

Some living ghetto fabulous with no job, two cars and stay fly always high

I work 45 hours a week no car, no clothes, just blood sweat and tears

But when things are done right

I don’t have to hustle all night

Watching my back

Hoping not to get attacked

The truth is told

So we can grow

Don’t get stuck in the expectations

Of the current police roll

Grow up and realize the world for what it is

Not for the world you thought it was

Hopefully I can open your eyes

And let you revise the unwise decisions you made in life

Don’t deny the lies you built into your disguise

It’s time to arise

And break those ties

Before it leads to your individual demise

We are linked one to another

Not like sisters and brothers

But we all have a responsibility

Different views

Different lives

One common goal

Fun with words

The emotion

Of frustration

Lives within every nation

And it cannot be rationed

It’s been here since the creation

And it has no expiration

It has an indication

Of inflammation

In ones expectation

Through needed desperation

Motivation becomes an obligation

And turns isolation into relaxation

And even with temptation

An incredible imagination

And high inspiration

There is no indication

Of important information

Just false litigation

Invalid accusations

Without any proper explanation

You notice the hesitation

And BAM!


Paper and Pen

I have been resurrected again

Back with this paper and pen

My best friend

We will stick by each other’s side

Till the very end

Remember when

You helped me get through the pain

That train wreck

That was once my brain

My health was unstable

But you helped me maintain

The last of my sanity

Could it be you saved me?

From my insanity

Can’t you see without you

There is no me

You’re blind and deaf

And you will keep going until there is no ink left

I’m sorry that I let you go

But we are going to sit here and let the whole world know

We are an unstoppable force

And of course people are going to hate

And procrastinate on things they don’t know

No stress we will take them blow by blow

And destroy their inner frame

We can never be contained

Until one of us is slain

When it rains

That’s the world sweating

Because we have been unearthed

And set upon this world as a curse

Since birth this condition got worse

Our bond got stronger

And our will can’t be broken

You can try to shut us down

But our mind stays open

While yours is closed in

You’re never going to win

Let’s just leave it at that

This is raw talent

I’m writing this from scratch

My mind is the gasoline and this pen is the match

You might want to stand back

A dangerous combination drawn to each other

Like the moth to the flame

Hopefully you got all this

And I didn’t mess up your brain

A brief moment of clouded judgment

Drowning in the Hennessey

Cause pain can’t seem to swim

And it’s the only thing that can ease the pain

I can’t let them win

But then I begin to see the light

It’s like a new beginning

I stand up from the ashes

And everyone looks up at me like “It’s him”

There hope was starting to dwindle

Getting thin

But here I come again

With my chin up and head held high

Everyone is starting to realize that everyone sins

But it’s more than that

It’s all based on who you are within

People can’t deal with the emotions

They just want to break down and cry

Hoping they would die

Ready to depart from this world

Already saying goodbye

But they are too weak and can never understand

They aren’t focused

And they have no master plan

As easy as it sounds people still fail

Like a letter lost in the mail

Everyone seems to get distracted and falls of the trail

Some have to find another path before they fall

It’s like an all out brawl with one self

Is that a mental condition that needs help?

Or is it a person understanding what life is

It’s not going to be a walk in the park

You’re like that candle in a room that’s dark

Pitch black and you cannot see

But you realize

You’re not alone you got me

We are trapped in this room that’s pitch black

And the darkness is waiting for our lights to go out to attack

But as long as we fight this pain and sorrow

There is no need for the darkness to follow

So as I sit here with this paper and pen

Trying to understand

I finally got my eyes open

Because of a friend

But then again

Everything happens for a reason

Chasing a fantasy

Hoping for it to become a reality

But yet I was too blind to see

That behind closed doors

I lost my chance to see

Where it would go

Now I don’t know

What to do next

I’m tripping

How can I not see my next step?

Thought I was walking in the dark

But I only had my eyes closed

Thought I was following my heart

But apparently it froze

Because I’m scared to let people in

Barely holding it together

A long road it’s been

We don’t live forever

But I feel alive within

I’m starting to understand

Where I went wrong

I know where I’m weak

And I know where I’m strong

I have been foolish all along

But no more

Whatever happens, happens

Tired of living of past memories

It made me who I am

But what I do now makes me who I will be

Once again I can truly see

I fully understand every possibility

And now I stand a man

With his head held high

Stronger than ever

No Mercy

No one sees my struggle

No one feels this pain

I was brought in this world

A gift I can’t complain

But time and time again

I try to understand

This world of mortal sin

But yet I am one man

We struggle to survive

The hustle is the strive

Ambitious but no one try’s

With birth someone dies

Blind with open eyes

I stand for who I am

The demand of a man

Is what I must achieve

It’s hard when no one sees

That something I’m trying to be

Dreams start to feel like a far of reality

Stuck staring at the mirror

Feels like a fantasy

I look all around me

And all I see is me

The mind is wide open

While I’m standing above them

Their heads start to nod

As they feel it flowing

Their minds start growing

As they start knowing

That life isn’t easy

But as I sit here with so much on my mind

Intertwined and tangled with thoughts

Time to unwind

My mind and set these ideas in line

You see we chase

What we want

But we want many things

Leaving us traveling with no steady destination

We crave everything

But lost track of moderation

And forgot about preservation

Of our original dreams

We are not machines

We are built for more than one thing

Multiple reasons why we exist

The only species who is fascinated with the past

But yet we repeat ourselves and wonder why we end up last

Twisted and Bent

The mind is tortured

But why fight when there’s nothing left

Broken and shattered

My Life is depleted

The soul withered and battered

I feel like I am defeated

And nothing seems to matter

Sailing without guidance

In the open sea

No land in sight

And it seems to be just me

Thought I was free

But the water has its own tale

And its own path it follows

Even if you flow with it

It can grab you and swallow

Drowning out all hope

Into the Maelstrom many people drown

Few survive, but those who do

Never let themselves down

This world mixed with confusion

But not enough confession

Not in the sense of religion

More in self recognition

The battles we fight

The demons we fought

The prayers at night

The dreams we sought

We all travel and go the distance

For the things we want

But never truly appreciate the things we have

It’s sad

That we as an intelligent species

Do things that make us

Our own disease

Wiping our entire existence

Off this planet with ease

No one really cares

That’s why there’s no hope for the human race

Unless we get a taste

Of our inevitable defeat

Maybe we can band together

And stand together

Because like that we are tethered

And cannot be severed

Entangled Anger

Entangled anger

With honest fear

Locking myself away

While hiding these desperate tears

Trying to be valiant

But evil lingers in my thoughts

This is not who I am

As I remember past demons I have fought

Too long in the dark

Trying to make a mark

But that’s a lost cause

Stumbling on the path

Not knowing which step is your last

The light is needed

In order to survive

The warmth needs to be felt

To understand why you’re alive

But why don’t we build our own fire

And make our own light?

It is easier for the pain to consume you

It involves no effort and no fight

But building a fire builds up hope

And hope means you’re willing to fight

Yes it can take all of your might

But being positive destroys the negativity blight

That consumes this world

And doing what’s right

Is its own victory

You know where your future leads

By looking at your past history

Those who have no ambition

Will just die alone in Misery

Ambition doesn’t die

If it’s not used it just walks away

And resides in the shadows of one’s heart

Cold and alone in the dark

Waiting for that spark

To move out of that place

Of empty space

Furious trance

My vision blurs

My heart races

And my blood begins to burn

Anger clouds my judgment

And the next move is my turn

Losing myself in rage

Lost all humanity

Because when I get in that phase

I seem to lock my true self

In an internal cage

I crave blood shed

From the beast within

Unleashing havoc

While my lips turn into a grin

Fury fuels my body

And I feel like an unstoppable force

And all I want is revenge

Even if it follows death course

I feel no pity or mercy

Not even the slightest remorse

Feeling like the death reaper

Since all I want is death

And in this furious trance

I will accomplish it until my very last breath

Focused on my next step

With everything to lose

And nothing to gain

They call it insanity

Guess I truly am Insane

True conviction in the darkest place in my mind

Losing all hope because this fury is making me blind

I want to cause pain

Because I hurt

I want to cause hurt

Because I am in pain

True pain runs deep

Deeper than any other emotion or feeling

When you’re hurt it takes more than medicine

To start the healing

The only emotion that inflicts a wound

And usually bleeds

But is not caused by a knife

And is one of the most painful parts of life