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The Rebirth Development Blog #1


The Rebirth Development Blog #1

So, this is the 1st post of what I would assume to be many to come. I have never done a development blog, so I apologize if I am not hitting my marks. But here we go.

The Rebirth

The Rebirth is a game I have been working on for the past few years. Primarily it’s been the story. Figuring out character back stories, plot twist, world history. I have definitely changed the story line over a 35 times (and still counting, lol) . I guess for the first post I will give kind of an overview of the game and what it entails. The Rebirth is a RPG (Role Playing Game) turn based game(Currently). It primarily takes place in the world of Egrora, A world hidden from the Titans. Here we meet a young hero named Erin. He will be the main protagonist in the game.

Main protagonist Erin

The Game

The game it self is played and viewed in a 2D top view.

Example of Scene from game

Currently Working on

I am currently working on setting up the scenes for the chapter 1 Demo. The demo is to get feedback to help improve the quality of the game. I am hoping I can get the demo out soon, due to life, job hunting, studying, working out and getting ready for school in March I am going at the best pace I can. Let me know what you think of the screen shots posted. The background art is from an art piece I purchased from Daniel Thomas ( I really enjoy his hand painted art style.

I am still new to using Unity and creating a game from scratch. So bare with me as we both go through this journey. Not sure how often I should make post but we will see as we go along. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. How can I improve with this blog?

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