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We Are The Last


Chapter 1 – Intro

“Can we stop or slow down, my legs are shaking and I don’t know if I can go any further”.

“Do you want those things to catch us? The only thing we can do is keep moving until we find some shelter”. I do want to stop, my body is begging me to stop, but yet my mind is screaming at me telling me to run, and hide. I know we are all tired and all of us are still in shock from what has been happening. But it doesn’t make any sense. It feel’s like some horror movie or some video game but it’s not. This is all real and it’s happening before our very eyes.

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Chapter 2

We walked roughly another two hours through this forest, I even started wondering if we were going in circles. But then we saw a smoke trail through a clearing, as we headed toward the smoke we finally saw where the smoke was coming from. The forest opened up into this small strip of 6 houses. One of the houses seems to have caught fire. But it looks like a complete ghost town. From what I see there are no cars on the street. Random debris and scattered items everywhere.

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Chapter 3

Everyone is in sure disbelief. But I am pretty sure I heard 3 gunshots. It doesn’t explain much. No one here has any firearms. Well at least none that I have noticed. I look at Dennis and ask him about the gun shots.

“The shots came from the house down the block, there were two people running from a few zombie type things. I couldn’t really see too clear. Everything happened so fast, but then as I looked around I noticed people walking around, except they moved and looked like the things that attacked us in the cabin.

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Chapter 4 -The Evaluation

As we sit there looking out the window watching the four shadows disappear behind the house, I look at Josh’s face, he looks scared, confused and most of all tired. About five feet away opposite direction of the staircase laying down leaning against the wall is Josh’s wife Jen. She was sleeping, she refused to lay in the bed while Josh was keeping an eye out. She wanted to be close after everything that happened at the lodge.

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Chapter 5 – Man Down

“Fuck! I can’t stop the bleeding. He’s bleeding out, this isn’t good. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

I take off my shirt and hand it to Jackie, she grabs it and tries to put pressure where the blood is pouring out. But we both know there is no way we can save him. Everyone is in a panic, Jen started screaming once she came to the realization of what happened, Josh grabbed her and turned her head. You could hear the footsteps of everyone running up the stairs to see what was going on.

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Chapter 6 – 8 Months later

As I watch the news, there seems to be another incident with these cult terrorist attacks, viciously attacking random people. There are no patterns as to who’s getting attacked or what this group is after. Seems to be random civilians being attacked, but why? As I continue making my breakfast, my phone rings, it’s Danny.

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