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Wolves of Tomorrow – Prologue


“Green1 Do you copy, this is Blue2”. “Go for Green1, what’s the status of the reactor for Mach Guns 3 through 5”? Loud explosions and gunfire are heard in the background of the COM. “No good we are pinned down and we have two Spartans down, there are too many of them.” “Blue2 hold your position we will be heading back for…” Static breaks through the COM and Blue 2’s worried voice interrupts. “No by the time you get here it will be to late, they just broke through our last defense, there are so many of them.” A big explosion breaks through the COM and then the COM connection goes dead.

“Damn, Tech what’s the status on Blue team.” No sooner than the question was asked Pristech voice came through the COM. “Based on their current vital signs not to good. Blue 1s vital signs are extremely weak, Blue 2, 3, and 6 are fine except the elevation in heart rate, and 4, and 5 are both flatline. What are we going to do Green 1”? Promise seems to take a minute to fully absorb the recently gathered information. “Damn the way things are going we are going to lose Reach. We have to stick to the mission, our defense of the MAC guns are Reach’s only hope. Doc what’s the status on Em?” Docs’ voice crackled through the COM. “Em is stable, she just got the wind knocked out of her fighting that Hunter.”

“I have multiple Hostile enemies on the radar” Pristech voice interrupted. Promise took a few seconds to gather the scenario and then opened up his COM to all members of the Green team. “Alright everyone listen up, we have lost communication with all other teams, and HQ. As of now we are in the dark down here, there will be no back up and no support. Regardless we cannot let the covenant get to this reactor. If we do Reach is gone.”  Promise looks at his radar on his HUD (heads up display), the enemies are closing in .

“Tech lock the front gate, and pull up the blueprints for this station then transfer it to everyone’s HUD. Also keep track of Blue team’s vitals.” A green light lit up on Promise’s HUD acknowledging that she understood and was working on it. “Glacier place your C-12 on the ceiling by the front gate, and by the blast door in this corridor then link the detonation codes up with your HUD. Since this is the only Entrance and exit if they manage to break through the front gate we will blow the ceiling and cave the entrance in on top of them, that should slow them down and buy us some time.”  Glacier’s light lit up on Promise’s HUD acknowledging that he understood and no sooner Glacier could be seen jogging to the front gate analyzing the ceiling and determining where would be the best spot to place the C-12 explosives that would create the best cave in.

“Promise Download complete, transferring blueprint data to entire team”

“Good job Tech.” Promise, quickly scans the floor plans, “Ok Az check and secure the emergency exit, it seems to follow the ventilation shaft of the reactor chamber, Em and Doc check the maintenance area and make sure nothing is here already, that can flank us.” Green lights across his HUD lit up  acknowledging that they understood their task.

There are only three ways into the reactor , the front gate which we locked and rigged with explosives , the emergency exit which looks like its Cliffside, and the maintenance area which entrance is right after the blast door in this corridor. And if they managed to get that far, this reactor is lost.

You can hear chattering of all sorts of chirps, and different sounds coming from the covenant  outside the front gate. The gate itself was at least 3 feet thick and 9 feet high, but you could still hear a slight thud on the front gate.

“Tech can you hack into the surveillance Cameras? I need to see what’s going on out there.” Her green light flickered and there it was. “Seems like they’re just using their plasma weapons on the door to break through, that would take them a while to get break that door down. Hopefully by then we will hear something from the Chief, from HQ or from someone.”

“Promise come in”

“Go head Az.”

“I am here at the end of the emergency exit which is just the ventilation shaft intake, it leads Cliffside over the water about a 50 yard drop into ocean. You want me to place the last of my C-12 here I have roughly 2 pounds left?”

“That’s a negative save it for now, stay posted and keep an eye out for anything flying out there and report anything you see.”

“Blue team all flatlined, Promise, we are the last squad left”, came from Pristech on the COM.


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